A thrilling walk through Abney Park Cemetery in central London

Last weekend we took the 149 bus from Shoreditch up to Stoke Newington. Our end goal was Abney Park Cemetery. Hana recommended this place to me a few weeks ago, she thought it would suit me and OMG wasn’t she right! For those of you who don’t know, and then again how could you, I’m a huge fan of true crime, history and mystery. I’m almost ashamed of how many hours I’ve spent watching Tim Bundy documentaries and listening to a murder podcast. So it makes sense to combine the best things in life; nature and mystery. 


Abney park, laid out in the early 18th century, contains a total of 196,843 burials which have  taken place there right up to the year 2000. There is a weirdly calming atmosphere as soon as you step through the massive gates. Ironically, the park is full of life. Every inch is covered with large growing trees and green leaves.

At first glance it is like when watching for ants, - you can’t see them until you see one, and then you see hundreds. Through the leaves you see gravestones, EVERYWHERE. Here lies so much history, surrounded by amazing nature. 


We walked around, in almost complete silence, taking this magnificent place in. If you ever have some time to spare I’d encourage you to go there, and if you’re going for a wander  alone; here are my best true crime/creepy/mystery podcasts to have in your ears whilst exploring the hidden paths amongst the trees, and remember; watch where you’re going...

Sword and Scale

A true crime podcast going through the most brutal crimes in history. 

The Black Tapes

An audio drama that follows an investigating journalist Alex Reagan and mysterious Dr. Strands search for the super natural. 

My favourite murder

A comedy podcast with my two favourite comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark discuss true crime in an brutally honest way. 

The message

In the 1940’s an unidentified message was received, now they’re starting to investigate where it can came from. It’s a really well written audio drama.