3 things to bring on your next walk

Your imagination

It's a wonderful thing childhood, imagining yourself as a pirate, playing football like a crab or answering life's serious questions, I mean 'What would you wish for if a genie were to grant you three wishes?'

Then BOOM, you grow up! Your teacher, your parents, your boss thinks you should be more sensible. Society expects it.

So it's important now and again to not forget the little imaginative person you once were and seize the next opportunity you get to be silly!

Next time you take a stroll, go get all your silliness out of your system. Stop thinking like a grown up, kick some leaves in the air (like you just don't care) and start reconnecting with your imaginative former self.

The new look for Autumn/Winter 2016

The new look for Autumn/Winter 2016

A sense of adventure

The same breakfast everyday, the same commute, seeing the same faces. When your every day becomes regimented the resulting boredom can be a problem.

The urge to explore beyond your daily surroundings is a necessity within all of us. So get a date in the diary to go somewhere you have never been before. When you arrive, instead of taking the most well trodden path you could try following your instincts.

Look for the highest point with the best view or the most mysterious tree, stop to think about what life was like when the tree first grew. Look for a place to build a den and eat your lunch in it.

Time for a picnic!

Time for a picnic!

An appreciation of nature

The feeling you get when you are around nature is unexplainable by science, it comes deep from within and allows us to deal with life’s stresses. So it’s important we work hard to preserve and appreciate it. To do this it is important to consider our attitude towards nature and our place within it.

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." - Warren Buffett

It's so easy to ignore, especially in urban areas. So stop for a few seconds next time you come into contact with nature. Take it in. The butterfly, the bird song, the wind in the leaves. Our health and mental wellbeing is directly linked with nature so it is important we give time to notice it.

Give the natural environment and all its awe inspiring wildlife just a few minutes each day and you will notice the benefits take hold of you. 

Steve JohnsonComment