Sheffield's Woodland Wanders

Sometimes you need to get away from it all and immerse yourself in the wood, do some forest bathing or simply to get some fresh air. Here's some of favourite woodland jaunts in Sheffield on the app. 

All woodland featured here are on the app with added details, steps and locations. Just search the location to see more or click the link in the descriptions, it'll take you to the walk! 


Ecclesall Woods in Sheffield is an ancient gem with lots of history behind it, playing an important part of Sheffield's industrial development. You may even be able to find small pieces of coal scattered around if you look hard enough. You can even find an old mill! 


2. Graves Park

As Sheffield's largest park (248 acres) there's plenty of woodland and meadow trails for you to enjoy Graves Park. A babbling brook, a stunning view and lots of beautiful trees to look out for, you'll also find a road that was a main route to London until around 1795 running through the park. There's a formal rose garden from the 1930s, which has it's own little cafe! 


3. Padley Gorge, Peak District

Padley Gorge is a rugged and rocky jaunt that takes you by another brook and ultimately to one of the most magical landscapes that the lake district has to offer. You'll come across giant millstones that have been there for 600+ years, destined for Scandinavia to crush wood pulp. 


4. Parkbank Wood

Beside a golf course and on the outskirts of the city you'll find Parkbank Wood an oasis of calm and serenity complete with bluebell fields in the early summer. You can wander through Beauchief Gardens to get there as well.