Can I download the app in any App Store?
You can download the App in the following App and Play Stores: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.

How do you create walks on Go Jauntly?
It’s easy to create walking routes for other people to enjoy on the iOS app. All you need to do is have location switched on for your photos and either create the walk as you go or upload it when you get home. Here’s the ultimate guide to creating routes to share with others here. Creating walks is yet to come to Android, we are working on making this happen in 2020.

The locations recorded by my smartphone are inaccurate, can I edit them?
Yes you can edit locations, tap the Pin icon to edit and save the GPS coordinates. Find out more in the ultimate guide to creating walking routes.

What happens when I publish a walk on Go Jauntly?
When you publish a walk on Go Jauntly, we get a notification and review the walk. You will be able to find your walks in your “published” walks area in the app.

Is there any way for an author to update their walks after they’ve been published?
Yes you can edit! If you go into your profile section and then to your Published routes, there’s a little edit icon.

Why aren’t there any walks near me?
Have you switched on Location? If no, please do that and the app will show the nearest walks to your location. You may need to refresh the app.

If there are still no walks near you, it might just be that we’ve not been able to get to your corner of the world yet. It’s very easy to create walks yourself on iOS so why not create your own local route for other people to enjoy. We’ve noticed that when one person does it, others seem to follow. Get sharing and caring in the community! See our how to create a walk blog post to find out more.

I want to partner with Go Jauntly
Yay! Get in touch with us or find out how on on our partnership page.


Why doesn’t Android have exactly the same features as iPhone?
We launched our Android version in March 2019 and it was a big milestone for us. Presently we are almost entirely self-funded so things tend to take a little longer. We wanted to get an initial Android version up and running which meant that we had to compromise on certain features and deliver them iteratively.

This means that you can do all the best bits on Android now and you can enjoy the free to use walking routes created by ourselves and the community. You can also search based on your location and you can save some of your favourite walks to enjoy later.

We will soon be adding new features to the app so why not follow us on Twitter to keep up to date. Alternatively subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

Why can’t I create a walk on Android?
At the moment, you can only create and share walks if you have an Apple iOS product. That means it works on iPhone and you can download the iPhone version to your iPad. We are bringing the “Create a walk” mode to Android in 2020.

What’s in the premium subscription, how much is it and why do you have one?
There’s an optional premium subscription! Over 800 walks are free to access. The subscription gives people access to an extra 120 special walks which helps to cover the costs for the app maintenance. You can find out what is available in the premium subscription on this page. Currently the premium subscription is only available on iOS. We are working on bringing these extra routes to Android in 2020.

How can I cancel?
Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. And don't worry you can turn off auto-renew at any time through your iTunes account settings. Please note that we can't give refunds for any unused portion of the term but you are entitled to a 14 day refund policy. You can also read more about our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

Why Pay Annually?
The benefit of paying annually is that you get 12 months for the price of 10. So if you’ve already enjoyed using Go Jauntly, it’s a perfect option if you wish to continue using our app but also want to upgrade to receive 100% access to content and to also support our movement to encourage more people experiencing happiness outdoors.

I upgraded to a premium subscription but it’s not working 
Thanks so much for purchasing a subscription, we really appreciate it. There's a few simple steps to rectify this.

  1. On the App Homepage where the different collections are, you can pull down to refresh. This should fix it. If this doesn't work, move on to step 2.

  2. Go into the "My Profile section in the bottom navigation bar. Tap the clog icon at the top and then go to "My Account". Within My Account there's a button at the bottom to: "Restore Subscription". Tap it. This should restore your purchase. You may need to repeat Step 1 again but hopefully not! 

Email us to let us know if you are having continuous problems and we will fix it.

What is the basic option?
Go Jauntly is free to download and it’s free to access shared community walks and some of the team's favourite walks. You can also save as many walks as you like and create your own walks to share with the community and friends!How do I go for a walk with Go Jauntly?


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