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Hana Sutch, co-founder of Go Jauntly takes time out to talk to interesting people who are working on projects, running businesses and campaigning to help us live a more sustainable life. Each episode we cover topics such as nature, urban mobility, the environment, climate action, travel and sustainable living in increasingly challenging times. We combine interviews, stories and amazing walking route suggestions to promote happiness outdoors and being naturally active. 

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Episode 1 - James Wong

Ethnobotanist and Liz Earle ambassador, James Wong shares his favourite plant-based tips and tricks and where he loves to go for walks.

Episode 2 - Dan Raven-Ellison

Guerilla geographer and inspirational National Park City campaigner, Dan Raven-Ellison discusses turning London into a national park city.

Episode 3 - Celeste Hicks

Former journalist turned campaigner, Celeste Hicks joins us from Mums for Lungs, an air quality organisation fighting to improve air quality.

Episode 4 - Will Norman

London’s first walking and cycling commissioner, Will Norman, talks about getting around London by bike and what would happen if we all walked more.

Episode 5 - Tessa Clarke

Tessa Clarke from food-sharing app, Olio joins Hana Sutch to discuss ways to reduce our own food waste and why food sharing is the future.

Episode 6 - Carole Wright

An uplifting conversation with Carole, community garden consultant and walking extraordinaire. Be inspired to get back to nature through gardening.

Episode 7 - Sophie McGeevor

We talk to Cllr Sophie McGeevor from Lewisham Council and discuss ways to get involved with the local community and what it means to declare a climate emergency.

Episode 8 - Dwayne Fields

Dwayne Fields, adventurer, explorer and UK Scout Ambassador chats about life as an adventurer and how he inspires young people nationwide to explore the ‘great outdoors’ - even on their doorstep.

Episode 9 - Grant Waters

In our final episode of this series, Hana Sutch interviews Grant Waters, acoustician, urbanist and Tranquil City Co-Founder, about what tranquility means in the city.