Episode 1 - James Wong

Botany geek extraordinaire, James Wong chats to Hana Sutch, co-founder at Go Jauntly about all things plant-life, plant-cool and plant-heaven. Learn more about how he keeps himself sane and what gets on his goat. He also shares more about his partnership with Liz Earle Beauty Co and where to walk to next.

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Links from Episode 1 - James Wong
Walk of the week: Botanic Shop Hopping in East London Walk

This podcast was brought to you with the help of Liz Earle Beauty Co. Find out more over at www.lizearle.com

Hana Sutch (Host), James Wong (Guest), Shane Henderson (Producer), Sam Care (Editor), Leslie Quarcoopome (Music), Sarah Hodges (Design) and everyone at Go Jauntly and the team at Liz Earle Beauty Co for their support.