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New audio-enhanced walking routes curated by James Wong


Reasons to walk more


Enjoy 20 minutes in a local park or green space to help beat stress.


Walking is one of the easiest ways to get more active.


Spending time in and around nature makes us feel good.


How does it work?

Discover walks

Find new walks based on your location. Simple photo guides help you navigate while nifty tips point out things of interest and places to eat and use the loo. Save the walks you love so you can enjoy them again and again.

Create and share with friends

Got your own walk you particularly love? Use the iOS Go Jauntly walking app to document your route. Take photos to create your guide and add details that other people may find useful or interesting and add your walk to the Go Jauntly community! Coming to Android soon.

Get involved

Support Go Jauntly and get full access to all of our expertly curated walks by upgrading to Premium. These walks are currently available on iOS only or get in touch to find out more about our partnerships and collaborations.

Our favourite walk at the moment:

Valley views from Rebellion Knoll

By: sarahloves
Location: Derbyshire

A stroll to the top of Bradwell Edge in the Hope Valley with amazing views, picturesque cottages, and wildflower meadows along the way.



Walking and being outdoors is fun, free and really good for you, physically and mentally. Learn more about why we created Go Jauntly for people just like you below:


Partner with us

Do you want to drive footfall to local high streets, promote nearby green spaces, increase nature connection or promote more walking in your area? We can help you research, curate and map new local walks and help transform your existing paper-based walks into our easy-to-navigate app format.

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