Londoner’s love walking but don’t do it enough. Go figure!

As part of our work with Transport for London, we uncovered some fantastic insights into walking habits of Londoners.  We plan to use all of this anonymised data to help make the Go Jauntly app even better but also to help Transport for London and the Mayor of London make London the world's most walkable city!


Top 4 walking Londoner trends:

1. Londoner’s love walking but don’t do it enough

Londoners love nature and walking, but almost a quarter only visit a park or green space in their local area once a month or less. The great news is that using the image-led routes in our app made people feel more connected to nature and wildlife than the map alone. Hurrah! Trees and views were the favourite aspects of people’s Go Jauntly walks, and we have to say we agree. :)

2. More wayfinding and outdoor inspo please

It was great to see that Go Jauntly is used for walking the walk, as well as a tool for inspiration. Walks were viewed in large numbers by users at times when they were not outdoors on a walk, including saving and sharing walks. As you can imagine, this made us pretty happy because when we’re not outside ourselves we’re usually thinking about getting out there.

3. We are popular with commuters and leisure walkers alike

Weekday commuters favoured using the app during their journeys to and from work as well as during lunchtime. Sustained usage was also clear until bedtime (dreamy of outdoor heaven are we?). At the weekend, usage peaked a lot later in the morning and then remained constant, highlighting how important leisure walks are for our community.

4. Walking makes people happy - obvs!

Londoners who spend time in green space are more likely to consider themselves very happy (we can put our hands up there too!). Older people are more likely to walk for fun and consider themselves more active, however younger people say that they are the least happy group in London so we need to do more to encourage people to walk more in nature of course. Tell all your friends and family now!

Happy walking,