Ultimate Guide to Creating a Walk on Go Jauntly

Haven’t created a walk on Go Jauntly yet? Here is the ultimate guide:

We will dive in deeper below, but this is the summary of creating a walk in the app:

1. Take pictures as you walk.
2. Open the app and tap ‘Create a Walk’.
3. Choose images you want to use, reorder images, check locations.
4. Add text to your steps.
5. Create a title, description and select cover image.
6. Preview your walk & publish!

Now for the details…


1. Take pictures as you walk
Take plenty of pictures on your route or sometimes you’ll find yourself on a walk you weren't even planning, just start snapping with location switched on! If you’ve got images from a while ago or from outside of the UK, just add them and map out a route and get sharing.


2. Select your steps
Now you’ve your jaunt in photo form, open the app and click the menu, followed by ‘Create a walk’. Your camera roll appears and add all the images you want as steps in order.


3. Get an overview
Want to see an overview of the steps you've added, or reorder? Pinch inwards and it zooms out, showing you thumbnails. Hold down to delete or drag to reorder. You can delete by swiping up on any step. You can amend the location of a step by tapping edit to move it.


4. Add text to your steps
Add text over pictures with a simple tap. If you run out of space or need to add a step that doesn't have an image click 'Add text step' which will bring up a green screen with more space. You'll need to add a location to this step. Don’t forget to share information others may find useful.


6. Create a cover page
Next go to the cover page of your walk. Add a title, description and duration which describes the walk and include walk features before selecting your final cover image.


7. Preview it then publish. Boom!
Now it’s time to preview your walk - this is what everyone will see. Check spelling, grammar and flow and when you’re happy with your masterpiece then publish!


It's as easy and addictive as that. We can't wait to see your creations!