Five unmissable Halloween walks

We are well into autumn now, possibly our favourite time of year. The sun is low, the air is crisp, mornings are misty, and we can start taking all of our neglected cold weather outfits out of storage. As if we needed any more reasons to love the season, Halloween is just a few days away. We will be celebrating by going on a few of England's spookiest walks this week, keeping an eye out for ghosts and ghouls of course. 

1. An Ancient Wild Cemetery With A View

One of London's seven great Victorian cemeteries, Nunhead Cemetery is the perfect place for a Halloween jaunt. Between the ruins of an Anglican chapel destroyed in 1976 by arson, the overgrown gravestones strewn throughout the forest, and the numerous recorded paranormal sightings, there are few London walks spookier than this one. 

2. Majestic Woodbury Cemetery

Take a short stroll through this cemetery with faded grave markers and ancient trees. Don't miss the burial place of Rev Henry Thomas Austen (the brother of author Jane Austen) and of Jacob Bell, the chemist who founded The Pharmaceutical Society.

3. A Magical Walk Through Abney Cemetery

The first arboretum to be combined with a cemetery in Europe, Abney Cemetery is great for both tree lovers AND ghost hunters. It was orginally a burial site for non-conformists who rejected the Church of England and later became a popular burial spot for Victorian pantomime actors. There is nothing scarier than a panto ghost!

4. Castle Ruins in Conisbrough

If you take a stroll among the ruins of this ancient keep built in 1180, you might just catch a glimpse of one of the phantom residents. There have been multiple sightings of a ghostly gray monk on the grounds as well as a "lady in white" on top of the tower who is rumoured to have fallen to her death.

5. Lud’s Church

A popular Peak District walk which takes you through the forest and into a narrow mossy gorge. Sure it's beautiful, but in the late afternoon on a misty autumn day as the light begins to fade, it feels like exactly the kind of place that witches might gather to cast their spells.

These walks are some of our favourites but there are plenty more to choose from on the app. Or, if you have a much-loved walk that isn’t on there, why not curate it yourself and share it with friends!

Have a spooky Hallloween!