Perfect playlist for a canal side walk

Who doesn’t love listening to music on a jaunt? It can make you feel like you’re walking through a film or just make the walk that extra bit special. We'll be posting the teams favourite playlists over the coming months and today we start with a playlist I curated especially for a canal-side jaunt. 



If I had to choose a favourite type of walk I think I would have to go with canal walks. Not only are they usually tranquil but it’s a really nice way to understand a city and reach new places you perhaps wouldn’t have connected if it weren’t for the canal. I love finding hidden gems along the banks - a park to discover, a lovely coffee shop or even a market (Broadway market, anyone?) To see the whole playlist on Spotify check it out here


Goods - iamamiwhoami - This song puts me in a good mood and makes me feel like I’m on a mission. Pumped and ready for the walk ahead! Show me the canal!

King Ruby - IDER - I think this song has a watery quality to it: it’s fluid and expansive but remains upbeat and positive.

Charlemagne - Blossoms - If you’re anything like me you’ll find it hard not do a little strut to the chorus of this song (or even a dance, even if you have no rhythm, like me). The lyrics mention a river flowing too, so it’s very on theme.  

In your beat - Django Django - If you didn’t dance to the last one you may whack out a few moves for this one. Weather the sun's shining or not it’ll lift your spirits.

Drifting - Poolside - I don’t recommend you use the canal as a pool or even drift along it, but this is a nice chilled beat that’s almost as relaxing as the water you're walking beside itself.

In Blue - Yumi Zouma Ending - Ending the playlist with a very mellow number. Remember to slow down, enjoy and reflect when you’re walking along your next canal.  


If you need any inspiration on where to go for canal side wander, why not check out the walks we created with The Canal & River Trust

Find this view on our  jaunt along the Hertford canal

Find this view on our jaunt along the Hertford canal

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