Having a Field Day with Fields in Trust!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Fields in Trust to bring you a collection of a few of the properties they help protect. They currently protect over 2,700 spaces to ensure they remain there for the communities who love and use them. Without their valuable work our green spaces would be at risk of disappearing due to financial and development pressures. Like us, Fields in Trust champion the outdoors as spaces that enrich the communities that live near them, both physically and mentally.   

Check out the collection in app to see these wonderful spaces that will be sticking around thanks to Fields in Trust:

The beautiful Culpeper Community Garden 

The beautiful Culpeper Community Garden 

  1. Culpeper Community Garden

  2. St Pauls church yard  

  3. Peckham Rye Park

  4. Southwark Park  

  5. Russia Dock woodland

  6. Tower hill garden

  7. Dulwich Park

  8. Oxleas Woods

  9. Weston Park

  10. Rivacre Valley Country Park

Fields in Trust is also inviting you to host your own ‘Field Day’ on Saturday 7th of July. Got a green space you love and fancy putting a little (or large) event? Register here. Field’s in Trust will give you advice and tools on setting it up, as well as some lovely assets to use on the day to make your Field Day looks top notch.  

Gabrielle RowanComment