8 Spring Blossom Walks

Believe it or not, spring has officially begun! Days are getting longer, the weather is warming up, and colour is returning to the world. Trees and flowers will soon be in full bloom and there is no better time to stop and smell the roses, as they say. We have collected 8 of the best walks around the UK for seeing spring blossoms. With everything from daffodils to cherry blossoms to bluebells, these walks feature some of the prettiest flowers around. Get out there and spring into spring!

1. Junglist Massive in Heligan

Stroll through 200 acres of history, mystery and romance, not to mention incredible flowers, at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall. These secret gardens which were lost for decades under overgrowth, were discovered in the 1990's and restored to their former glory. The perfect place to get in the spring spirit.

2. Street Trees of Herne Hill

Curated by Paul Wood, tree expert and author of London's Street Trees, this walk showcases some of the most beautiful trees on the streets of Lambeth and Southwark. Look out for the especially stunning deep-pink flowered 'Galaxy' Magnolia along the way.

3. Weston Park

Sheffield's first municipal park is a great choice for a sunny spring wander. There are landscaped gardens, peaceful ponds, historic bandstands, not to mention flower beds galore! If you get unlucky with the weather and get stuck in an April shower, just pop into the award-winning Weston Museum to learn about the history of Sheffield.

4. Wars, secret doors, and Iguanodons

The gardens surrounding the ruins of Scotney Castle in Kent are truly breathtaking. Rhododendrons, azaleas, kalmia, wysteria... its like we died and went to floral heaven! Plus you can learn all about the fascinating history of the castle and checkout a prehistoric discovery at the quarry.

5. Sunset run in Victoria Park

We always enjoy visiting East London's Victoria Park, but we especially love it on a sunny spring afternoon with golden hour light and flowers in full bloom. If you are going to run this route like the creator did, we recommend taking it at a really leisurely pace so that you don't miss any of your stunning surroundings! 

6. Bibury’s Awkward Hill

Artist William Morris once called Bibury the "most beautiful village in England", and in springtime when the quaint stone houses are covered in colourful roses, we might be inclined to agree. Explore the cute village and the surrounding forest on this short circular jaunt. 

7. Coastal walk from Dover to Deal

We featured this route on our 2019 must-walk list and if you haven't gotten around to it yet, Spring is the best time to check it out. It's an epic 10 mile walk along the coast with cliff top views, picture perfect beaches and stunning wild flowers to admire every step of the way. 

8. Wanstead Wandering

Spring is the best time to wander through beautiful Wanstead Park when all of the bluebells are in full bloom. They carpet the ground of the forest and walking along you could easily think you'd stepped into a fairy tale. What better way to up your Instagram game than with some shots of a purple-drenched woodland world!

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