Big Dan's Big Walk Around London with Go Jauntly

Last Thursday we had a chance to join Dan Raven-Ellison on his Big Walk Around London, as part of his campaign to turn London into a National Park City. We've been big fans of Dan for a long time, he helped us realise that London is actually 47% Green space, made up of parks, gardens, nature reserves, allotments, rivers and canals. 

So what does a National Park city even mean we hear you say? Well, in a nutshell, apart from a snazzy title, it would be a world first. The campaigners state that the core goals are:

  • Ensure 100% of Londoners (adults and kids) have free and easy access to high-quality green space and make the majority of London, Green.
  • Improve air and water quality and improve the richness, connectivity and biodiversity.
  • Inspire greener living and promote London as a Green World City.
  • Inspire new cross-sector activities, collaboration and opportunities.

We joined Daniel on the Lewisham leg of the walk and walked from Lewisham Station to Blackwall DLR Station. In honour of our Big (small) Walk Around London we've re-created the route we took with Dan so that you can enjoy it too. Search Lewisham in-app and you'll find it. It's called: The Point, the Tunnel and the Wharf. 

Or why not check out Dan's video of some of Go Jauntly team in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel...

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