Look at this happy Husky enjoying Go Jauntly

Our newest (and favourite) furry friend has been using Go Jauntly and gave us quite the write up on their blog
'Happy Husky' is Emma and her beautiful husky, Hendrix. Having adopted him at 10 months without any training, Emma and her boyfriend had their work cut out for themselves trying to get Hendrix to behave. The blog details their adventures together, from places they visit, to what Hendrix is eating that month. Salmon bite, anyone?
Always looking for new places to explore, Emma took Hendrix on the Robin Hoods Stride in Derbyshire, one of our absolute favourite user generated walks. Having struggled in the past with taking wrong paths or being disappointed on a walk, Emma and Hendrix loved Go Jauntly for its ability to follow a walk step by step. Even if they did have to avoid a few steps because of some inquisitive cows at that time of day! 
We can’t wait to see where else Emma and Hendrix go, he looked like he enjoyed his first Go Jauntly experience.