Where to go in London over Easter

The Easter bank holiday is upon us - yay! With a few days off on our hands we've chosen our top 3 places we'd recommend visiting over the weekend. 

Richmond Park


Explore the amazing (and huge), Richmond Park. A lovely spacious escape from the busy streets of central London. The park is home to the beautiful Isabella Plantation, Pembroke Lodge and herds of Red and Fallow deer. The whole park is currently getting ready for spring with blossoming flowers and leafy trees everywhere. 

Pack a picnic and spend a full day out and about with family or friends.

Click on the map below to get directions. 


Surrey Quays & Rotherhithe


Take a stroll through beautiful North Rotherhithe. See the old docks, pass by Surrey Quays farm, the River Thames, check out the view from Stave Hill and end the walk with delicious food at Hawker House (check opening times). This route is mostly pram friendly & contains all you need for a good day out; city views, animals, water, a park stroll, historic artefacts and playgrounds for both adults and kids alike.

Click on the map below to get directions. 


Crossbone Yard


Full of history, this memorial garden is an invisible haven in the heart of London:a place to honour & remember 'The Outcast Dead'. Upon its closing in 1853, the yard is estimated to hold around 15,000 paupers. Spend a couple of hours here with a coffee from one of the many cafes and learn about part of London's chilling past.

The yard is open between 12-3 PM Monday - Sunday, but double check on their website the opening hours for the easter holidays. 

Click on the map below to get directions. 


We hope you all have a wonderful spring weekend.
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