Welcome to Wellbeing

It’s the perfect time to destress and detox from the working week with a Wellbeing Walk, whether it’s fresh, crisp mornings or amazing autumnal skies there are endless opportunities to get some wellbeing into your day.

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As we know, walking and being outdoors is fun, free and really good for us, both physically and mentally which is why we’ve teamed up with The Woodland Trust to bring you inspiring ideas for a Wellbeing Walk in London.


Whether it’s togetherness with family and friends in local woodland or 15 minutes mindfulness in some green space, what are you planning this weekend?

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Discover a Wellbeing Walk for yourself here.

We’ll see you out there.

Want to help protect our trees and woodlands with us? Text TREES to 70111 donate £3 to the Woodland Trust and enable them to continue their work.

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