Exploring London from Barbican to Millennium bridge with Vestd

A few weeks ago we got asked to go with the people from Vestd on a city walk. Vestd a startup that connects entrepreneurs to experts willing to invest their skills in return for equity in the startups they help.  

We won first prize in one of their Ultimate Start Up competitions a few months ago and have received invaluable help and feedback as we’ve been developing Go Jauntly. Whilst walking through the streets of London we found some hidden gems. We also talked about how to grow a successful business, how amazing the history of London is and all the lovely spots people walk past every day but rarely have the opportunity to discover. 


It’s amazing how fulfilling you feel, getting out from the office a Wednesday morning. You realise how many places of local history we have on our doorstep in London.

We walked down the Barbican high walk, finding our way through long stone corridors and buildings covered in beautiful flowers. We walked past Postman’s Park, here you feel a sense of calmness, even though you are just a few meters from busy streets. This Victorian park was built in the 1900s and has an entire wall dedicated to local heroes who sacrificed their lives to save others. If you ever get the chance, we suggest heading there while the sun shines through the trees and the first sign of autumn is in the fresh air.


We kept walking past beautiful St. Paul's cathedral before reaching Millennium bridge and Tate modern. City Walks are just as calming as nature walks, especially when you’re simply spending time  outside for a few hours with inspiring people. 


During the walk, Vestd interviewed us on how our collaboration with Vestd went. Have a look at the video below or read their blog post about our walk.

We’ve been so fortunate to receive the support and encouragement from the people at Vestd, and we had such an amazing time during our jaunt with them. 

Mikaela Larsson1 Comment