Our Walking Jaunstars

We are always up for getting more walks on the app to provide walkers with fresh routes and adventures to go on. We couldn't do it without our fabulous content ambassadors, who are always on the look out for their own unique walking adventures to share on Go Jauntly. 


Alice Stevenson

Author and artist of Ways to See Great Britain and Ways to Walk in London, Alice Stevenson is an expert in discovering the weird and wonderful in the UK. Finding beauty in the unexpected and pointing out the unusual, you won't find more distinctive walks than Alice's on the app. 


Paul Wood

Paul Wood, aka The Street Tree, is an author and blogger who delights in the urban forest. His in app walks take you on some tree rich jaunts in which the various species are pointed out to you with some expert knowledge from the master himself.


Sarah Irving

Aka The Urban Wanderer, is a Northern girl with a curious mind and wandering feet. Her jaunts take you to quirky places, hidden gems and city spaces, as well as canal adventures and countryside rambles. Each of her walking routes gets you to explore where you are and to look around in different ways, helping you to discover or learn something new.


Sarah Hodges

Our resident northern jaunster, Sarah has provided Go Jauntly with some of it's most breathtaking jaunts. A fan of a big walk aka Hike with incredible views, historical facts and woodland treks, Sarah's walks are for all types of explorers. She lives and breathes the Peak District and is an expert on where to go and when. We highly recommend all of her walking routes, they're easy trails to follow and you'll feel all the better for your massive stroll.


Jamie Boyd

A digital designer by trade and a 'hidden gem' enthusiast by life. Jamie's city walks try to find little known spots and intriguing details in our urban environment, whereas his countryside jaunts go for the real show stopping, jaw dropping vistas. Jamie is a lover of the outdoors, the environment and people in general. From lunchtime strolls, to Sunday hiking adventures, you'll be inspired by all of his favourite places and destinations. 


Gabrielle Rowan

Gabrielle is always on the hunt for the most picturesque jaunts out there and ones that are perfect for that ultimate Instagram shot. She knows where to be seen and when to be seen and more often than not there’s a stop (or two) for food or coffee as well as that is the way to Gabrielle's heart. She walks faster then any of us and has a super impressive memory about cool places to visit and relax at.


Sylvia Szekely

Keen amateur photographer and globe trotter, Sylvia has come from Hungary via the USA to lovely London, and loves exploring her surroundings with camera in tow. Expect beautiful nature shots of stunning scenery and some art thrown in for good measure. You'll find her walking around trying to find where to buy milk and cookies as that is her favourite thing apart from walking with friends and taking tons of pictures.


Think you'd make a great content ambassador for Go Jauntly? Email us at hi@gojauntly.com to chat, we'd love to get your explorations on the app!