Content Ambassadors


We are always trying to get more walks on the app to provide jauntsers with fresh walks and adventures to go on. And we couldn't do it without our fabulous content ambassadors, always on the look out for their own unique adventures to share on the app. 


Sylvia Szekely

Keen amateur photographer and globe trotter, Sylvia has come from Hungary via the USA to lovely London, and loves exploring her surroundings with camera in tow. Expect beautiful nature shots of stunning scenery and some art thrown in for good measure. 


Sarah Hodges

Our resident northern jaunster, Sarah has provided Go Jauntly with some of it's most breathtaking jaunts. A fan of a big walk with incredible views, historical facts and woodland treks, Sarah's walks are for all types of explorers.


Alice Stevenson

Author and Artist of Ways to See Great Britain and Ways to Walk in London, Alice Stevenson is an expert in discovering the weird and wonderful in the UK. Finding beauty in the unexpected and pointing out the unusual, you won't find more distinctive walks than Alice's on the app. 


Paul Wood

Paul Wood, aka The Street Tree, is an author and blogger who delights in the urban forest. His in app walks take you on some tree rich jaunts in which the various species are pointed out to you with some expert knowledge from the master himself.


Gabrielle Rowan


Project manager at Furthermore and creating digital marketing content at Go Jauntly, Gabrielle’s walks are always taking in a few key picture moments, perfect for that instagram shot. More often than not there’s a stop (or two) or food or coffee as well.


Think you'd make a great content ambassador for Go Jauntly? Email us at to chat, we'd love to get your explorations on the app!


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