Perfect playlist for exploring the woods

Who doesn’t love listening to music on a jaunt? It can make you feel like you’re walking through a film or just make the walk that extra bit special. We'll be posting the teams favourite playlists over the coming months and today it's finally my turn to share my favorite tunes to walk through pine trees to.


As the stereotypical Swede I love walking in the thick woods, where you almost never see other people, and if you do, a subtle nod is all you need. There’s truth in the fact forest bathing and nature can really help calm you down. To see the whole playlist on Spotify check it out here.


Radical Face - Welcome home, son - This song brings a safe feeling to my body. Welcome home to nature and here you can breathe freely.

Bon Iver - Holocene - There’s NOTHING that works better together than Bon Iver and Pine trees.

Tallest man on earth - Love is all - A swedish artist from the town next to the one I grew up. It just makes me think of pourling streams and sunbeams through tall trees.

Anna Leone - I never really - Swedish singer Anna sets the mood.

D.I.D - Flush - Perfect for catching golden hour views on top of a hill!

Utah - STFG -  Happy, exciting and motivates those hiking legs going.

Dirty Art Club - Sincerely yours, the D.A.C. - My favourite song of all times.

Britta Phillips - Landslide - *Laying down in the moss and thinking about life*

The Shins - New Slang - Happy, country and Shins <3

Jose Gonzalez - Stay Alive - Another Swedish artist with a song that makes you appreciate being alive and the amazing nature around us.

Make the playlist available offline, head out to the forest and just breathe. Find the closest forest walk to you on our app.

Mikaela LarssonComment