Civic Innovation finalists making London smarter and more sustainable

We are very excited to be able to announce that we are amongst the shortlisted candidates for the Civic Innovation Challenge, spearheaded by  The Mayor of London and the London Assembly

Over 100 organisations applied to the challenge; another 40 interviews were conducted and we are delighted to be amongst the fantastic final 14 cohorts and will be making the most of this opportunity. Go Jauntly is almost completely self-funded and even though we started as a side hustle from Furthermore our digital product and service design studio, we are 100% committed to the cause so opportunities like this mean a lot to us and the team. 


The shortlisted organisations were all picked because we were proposing innovation solutions addressing real-world challenges in a clear and measurable way. The fact that we have tested Go Jauntly in the marketplace already meant that our challenge partner felt that our new ideas will be feasibly delivered and piloted and that they can potentially support us to scale. And for us, scaling is so important as we can only have the kind of social impact we desire if we have the ability to connect and inspire wider audiences. 

Our challenge partner is the organisation behind the greatest transport organization in the world, TfL! This is a dream come true for us. We can’t wait to work alongside the team at TfL and tech for good pioneers at Bethnal Green Ventures to envision and deliver new customer-centric ways to encourage active travel and to continue to promote walking as a pastime.


We have based our pilot on current research and future concerns surrounding the UK’s decline in biodiversity as well as the known mental health benefits of spending time in nature. Over 50% of the global population is now urban and the UK’s urban population is the highest in the OECD which is expected to exceed 92% by 2030. This provides unique challenges about the nature of communities and their connect or disconnect with nature. The Mayor of London wants 80% of journeys to be active by 2041 in order to reduce car use and improve air qualityTfL research’s in 2016 found that more than a third of car trips made by Londoners could be walked in under 25 minutes coupled by the fact that the NHS could save £1.7 billion on conditions including heart disease and diabetes if Londoners walked or cycled for just 20 minutes a day.

Our project will support this aim whilst raising awareness of the multifaceted benefits that London’s 8.4 million trees bring us. 

To find out more about our journey and to speak to one of the team directly please get in touch at or sign up to our newsletteror keep in touch over on our socials.

Lots of love from Hana, Steve and the team at Go Jauntly.

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