With a whopping 47% of London being green space it can be hard to pick where to go for a good jaunt. We’ve taken our fair share of walks and come up with a few handy lists for the best of the best that London offers.

Short walks, day trips, walks with pubs or a kid friendly stroll, we have you covered when it comes to the best walks in the city. Walks are always being uploaded on the app, so make sure you check it out for the latest jaunts.



With the peak district and many a forest, Sheffield has some epic walks and adventures you can go on. We've rounded up some of our best walks on the app you can take near one of our favourite northern cities. 

Looking for a woodland wander or something with a view along the Peak District or a park that's pram friendly? We have the walks to you. 


Perfect for those with prams or looking for something a little more central.

Check out some of Sheffield's wooded areas perfect for a jaunt.

Jaunts that incorporate the peak district.


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