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We're nature-loving city dwellers who spend much of our time deskbound and yearn to be a bit more active. We're not really fans of the gym but love to get out, stretch our legs and explore our local areas, especially with our young families in tow. But we'd been getting frustrated by how hard it is to uncover new places to do just that – take short and long local walks, find hidden trails in familiar haunts, and discover the nature on our doorstep and beyond. So we created Go Jauntly. 

A free community-based app, Go Jauntly invites you into a world of outdoor adventure. Find local walks created by the people who love and know them, create your own and share them with your friends and the Go Jauntly community. 


Our Team


Hana Sutch
Chief walker and talker

Hana loves the colour of sunshine and longs to be surrounded by Willow trees. When she's not working like a dog, she hangs out at Sydenham Hill Woods, possibly one of the most peaceful places in London. Her little jaunts are mostly with her husband and three-year-old explorer, and they particularly like walks with wildlife and incredible views so it's lucky she never forgets to take her iPhone. Hana's dream is to always end a walk by the sea and so she often finishes her walks knackered but happy. Next chance she gets, she's heading off to Hankley Common for a stroll in the sun.

Fave jaunt? Sydenham Hill Woods in London


Steve Johnson
Chief explorer

Naturally green-fingered (when he's not working), Steve is constantly tending to his large collection of Rhododendrons. His walks are normally made up of nice views, rough terrain, hills, lakes and lots of wildlife. A big fan of the traditional sarnie to keep energy levels up, he always packs a few along with his lovely wife and one-year-old son. Sometimes he brings the grandparents too, if they can keep up. Next up is a walk in Weald Country Park in Essex, where he can detach himself completely from his ever-growing to-do list. 

Fave jaunt? Darent Valley Path from Eynsford to Shoreham in Kent


Allan Weir
Technical Champion

Allan is our Technical Champ - his favourite colour is Green which is lucky as that's also our favourite colour. He dreams of long walks in the Lake District or sneaky visits to Portmerion. With a never-ending supply of Kendal Mint cake in his bag, he's off to the Farne islands for a spot of Puffin-spotting with his lovely girlfriend. Frankly, we are all super jeal.

Fave jaunt? Ullswater in the Lake District


Liam Owen 
Director of everything that moves

When he's not staring at the blue sky, Liam's looking out for anything pink or green. He loves oak trees and acorns and the walk from his family's house to his best friend's, which is across six fields, through an ancient wood and along an old coal road. Sounds amazing. When it comes to walking adventures, Liam wants one that takes him through different zones, like a computer game – give him woods, water and hills and he'll always come back buzzing and wanting more. His next jaunt is to Abersoch where he plans to hit the rolling sand dunes with a bucket and spade.

Fave jaunt? Oxleas Woods


Mikaela Larsson
King curator

The youngest but brainiest of the team, Mikaela hales from the forests of Sweden. Always dressed in black and with lavender in her pocket, nowadays you'll mostly find her in the New Forest where she does her best to run into wild horses and donkeys. As long as she has her camera, murder-themed podcasts and discreet headphones plugged in to accompany the sunshine and great views, she's happy. For mini walks Mikaela loves wood and water based adventures with her boyfriend (aka the husband). Her next jaunt is to the lavender fields of Castle Farm in Kent, as she's heard it's incredible! 

Fave jaunt? The New Forest in Hampshire


With thanks to our collaborators



James Wakefield

Ben Philpott

Duncan Madden

Helen MacBain

Gabrielle Rowan

Szilvia Szekely

Brynley Gibson

Lukas Valiauga

Aisling Foley

Nila Gibb


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